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Located in Southampton, England, Hairy Hounz is dedicated to saving neglected, homeless and unwanted dogs. Unfortunately they are unable to do this alone. They are asking you to help us to help them. Your donations are needed to prevent these dogs from falling into the wrong hands. Your donation will help a dog find its forever loving home.

Hairy Hounz Is A Registered Charity, Number 1163727

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About Hairy Hounz, from their website:

welcome to Hairy Hounz, allow us to introduce ourselves to you and tell you a little bit about our organization, how it all started, and what we do here.
My name is Carole Porter and together with my husband Steve we have built up our own small dog rescue and re-homing sanctuary.

Steve and I are two everyday people that live-in Southampton. We have always had a love of dogs both big and small. And over the years weve had the great pleasure of owning some truly wonderful breeds, from Weimaraners ,  Great Danes and Irish wolfhounds, to the smaller types of dog such as jack Russells, west highland terriers etc. Being big dog lovers Steve and myself have always donated to dog charitys where and when we could, but we never felt this was enough and as the years passed and local animal shelters became over run with homeless and abandoned dogs we then turned our attention to re-homing dogs ourselves.  

After having spent years of researching different dog breeds, their history, behaviour, and health issues, we then   began to gain a wider range of knowledge of these dogs, and in turn began taking in and looking after the same breeds. Some dogs only came to us for a short period while their owners were on holiday or had work commitments, while others came to us for rehoming purposes. Either way doing this gave us the continued drive and determination to fulfil our lifetime ambition of one day running our own rescue home. 

In 20012 Steve and I began to discuss the possibility of running a small rescue from our home. We knew this wasnt going to be easy for us and we had to rely on help from our family, friends and members of the public for donations. The response we got was overwhelming and the donations came in ways of materials such as wood, nails blankets money and so on. Only now were we able to set the wheels in motion and start building a 30ft training and agility pen in our back garden. This was a excellent start to our project and the support we have been so lucky to have will make such a big difference to the dogs we can take in and help rehome. 

Our aim here at hairy hounz is to take the dogs from death row and find them their forever loving homes. Our dogs are not kept in kennels but do live in our house as part of our family. We believe this helps them to settle in much quicker and is much less distressing for them. While they are here they will be, health checked, and given any vetinary treatment needed, they will also be assessed on their behaviour and brushed up with basic commands before being rehomed. The dogs here are fed on a high-quality dog food of salmon, potato and fresh meat.  This is excellent for healthy skin and coat conditions.  Anyone wishing to adopt one of our dogs must fill out the necessary paperwork, and prospective adopters will be home and vet checked.  A rehoming fee will be required and this money will be used for any medical bills etc. that our rescue dogs may need while here at hairy hounz

A big thank you goes out to everyone that has helped and supported our hairy hounz sanctuary.

And to our team of volunteers for all they do for the dogs that need them.

To Contact them:

can reach us during our office hours by phone only:

Phone: 07510 619449




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We do not have a walk in center 
as all our dogs are in foster care.

All inquiries and appointments are made by phone or E-Mail only.


Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm,

Saturday Closed,

Sunday Closed


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