Give YourSelf Permission Anthology

Give YourSelf Permission Anthology

By Scott Green

February 27, 2017

Everyone has a story, people just want to be heard and most want to know they are not alone

Give YourSelf Permission Media has launched their very first Anthology: 44 Inspirational & Insightful True Stories of Risk-Taking, Life Changes and Successful Outcomes. This book follows closely on the heels of the Give YourSelf Permission Magazine, The original idea stemmed from Priya Rana Kapoor’s first book, “Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life” (Balboa Press, 2014) in which she shared stories from her clients, as well as herself, highlighting instances where they had learned to give themselves permission to live their best lives.

The Anthology includes tales of a Mt. Everest earthquake survivor, a single mother who is also a front-line US Army medic, a recovering addict who turns her life around through service, a USAF retiree finding peace with racial bias and a man’s persistence in starting the world’s premier luxury travel safari company.

About Give YourSelf Permission Media: The Give YourSelf Permission idea was created and implemented by therapist and life coach, Priya Rana Kapoor while working with clients in order to help them to reclaim their personal power through giving themselves the permission to live their lives as they see fit not as others expect them to.  It has since grown into a full Empowerment Program enabling people of all walks of life to seek, and find, permissionwithin themselves.


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