The Salad “Bar” Gets Reinvented – Take a Salad To-Go with New Saladshotsbars

The Salad “Bar” Gets Reinvented – Take a Salad To-Go with New Saladshotsbars

By Scott Green

February 7, 2017

The Goodness of a Salad is Now Available in the Convenience of a Bar

Saladshots Bars and Dressings Launch Nationwide

Saladshots, a creator of premium, natural products, today announced the nationwide launch of “Saladshotsbars.”  Featuring all the healthy benefits of a salad with the convenience of a nutritional bar, Saladshotsbars contain a mix of superfoods, greens and antioxidants combined with sweet and savory flavors to deliver a one-of-a-kind way of getting healthy nutrients while on-the-go.  With unique flavors including “Choco Balsamic,” “Coco Loco” and “Citrus Splash,” Saladshotsbars are available at retailers nationwide (see Store Locator) and on for a suggested MSRP of $2.49 per bar.  All three flavors are high in fiber, 180 calories or less, and incorporate the exciting flavor profiles of Saladshots’ dressings combined with the nutrients of a healthy salad all rolled into a grab-and-go bar.

The Saladshotsbars follow closely on the heels of Saladshots’ dressings, the company’s unique line of all-natural salad dressings that are being launched in conjunction with the bars. With bold original flavors, and unique twists on popular dressing favorites, the gluten-free dressings contain no artificial preservatives and are low in calories, fat and sodium.  The Saladshots portion-control system incorporates unique packaging that easily displays how many shots (1 oz. servings) remain as well as the associated fat and calorie content per shot. Available flavors include “Citrus Splash,” “My Honey Mustard,” “Pomegranate Love” and “Feel Good Ranch.”  Additional new flavors and packaging sizes, including 3-shot pouches (3 oz.) and 1.5-shot single serve cups (1 oz.), will be launched in the coming months.

“Using bold, new and unique flavors sourced from only the best natural ingredients and superfoods, Saladshots’ bars and dressings will transform how people eat, making ‘healthy’ synonymous with fun, exciting and delicious,” says Adam Rubin, CEO of Saladshots. “The result is a high quality, amazing tasting and truly original line of healthy products and snacks!”

Much in the same way Ben & Jerry’s rejuvenated ice cream by adding cookie dough as an ingredient and Chobani added “Greek” to the yogurt category, Saladshots’ delicious, premium, on-the-go bars and portion-controlled dressings are a refreshing, healthy and exciting alternative to current options on the market today.

Rubin continued: “When we launched our Kickstarter campaign two years ago, our vision to bring fun to ‘healthy’ was a long shot.  In fact, the majority of Kickstarter campaigns never become viable companies. 

We are truly an exception to the rule as we are now moving into our third year and are bringing not one, but two innovative products to consumers nationwide!”

About Saladshots, LLC

Saladshots creates, sells, and markets delicious healthy-eating products, and has a mission to be a leading natural food company that gives back to the community to help more people eat and access healthier foods. The Saladshots team is constantly working to develop more unique flavors and products. For more information, visit


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