PuppySpot.com Reveals Best Puppy Homecoming Videos of 2016


PuppySpot.com Reveals Best Puppy Homecoming Videos of 2016

By Scott Green

January 29, 2017

Happy Families Nationwide Share Heartwarming Videos of New Puppies for Chance to Win Big

While many are ready to say goodbye to 2016, PuppySpot.com, the trusted service connecting responsible dog breeders with caring people in search of a puppy, is choosing to recall some of the more heartwarming moments of the year by sharing its customers most “puplifting” puppy homecoming videos. These special videos flooded in via PuppySpot’s “Home for the Holidays” contest, which encouraged happy families across the country to capture their first meetings with their new four-legged family members.

PuppySpot families excited to share the joy their new puppies have brought into their homes entered the contest for the chance to win pet supplies and PuppySpot goodies. The contest ran on PuppySpot’s Facebook page from November 28 December 9, and fans voted online for their five favorite videos. PuppySpot’s judging panel selected winners based on quality and content:

  • Laurie Rhoden (Montgomery, AL): The Rhoden family welcomed home Ace, a cuddly Boston Terrier that was gifted for their daughter Hannah’s Sweet 16 birthday celebration. Watch Hannah’s reaction to the surprise.
  • Vishnu Sudheendran (Lafayette, LA): Simba, a tiny Shih Tzu, greeted his new family with a tour around the house and many puppy kisses, but was most intrigued by checking himself out in a full length mirror who can blame him?
  • Emma Stenborg (Arcata, CA): Cashmere, the Stenborg family’s new Miniature Dachshund, met her new family, including her older Mastiff siblings, with curiosity and glee.

“In the spirit of the holiday season, this contest was a way to celebrate the reason we do what we do,” said PuppySpot CEO Greg Liberman. “Our team truly takes pride in making lives better by helping people fetch their new best friends. We were thrilled to see the way these videos captured the joy families experience when their new puppy arrives home.”

Other PuppySpot community favorites included:

  • Alicia Scott (Pittsburgh, PA): Alicia’s daughter Natalie had been asking for a Husky puppy for a long time. For her 13th birthday, her mother decided to give her the surprise she’d been dreaming of with adorable Dakota Blue. Watch it all unfold (you may want to turn down the volume!).
  • Karen Bailey (Los Altos, CA): Karen decides to give her boys an early Christmas surprise in the form of a mini Labradoodle named Dak. Their reaction when they discover who is waiting for them inside the car is priceless.
  • Daniel Gubbels (Reno, NV): After five years of begging from his wife and son, Daniel finally gave in to the idea of a dog after finding the perfect Goldendoodle on PuppySpot. Watch his son’s pure joy as he meets his new furry friend, Cooper, at the airport.

All video entries can be found on the PuppySpot YouTube channel. For more information about PuppySpot, visit www.PuppySpot.com or follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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