By Jonathan Tash

December 29, 2016

Joshua Hale Fialkov ; JT Krul Story / Jordan Gunderson Art / Peter Steigerwald – Colors

Worlds at War. Fates to unfold

It’s the epic conclusion of the Aspen Comics event more than a decade in the making! Aspen and Malikai must make the ultimate sacrifice if there is to be any chance for tomorrow to come. But, even if theyre successful and a new dawn rises– what world will remain!?!

From the mind of Harvey, Eisner and Emmy Award nominated writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and New York Times Best-Selling author J.T. Krul comes this world-shattering new crossover series event that sets the stage for all future Aspen Comics titles to come!

ASPEN UNIVERSE: REVELATIONS #5 is in stores December 28th, 2016!


The Review

For someone who has not read much from Aspen Comics over the years, this is not necessarily the best jumping on point, however, the story is both exciting and intriguing.

My favorite part of this was the work of both the artist, Jordan Gunderson, as well as the colorist, Peter Steigerwald. The art was dynamic and clearly done by those who have a real passion for the medium. Some scenes have a Baroque quality to them, with use of dark and light, making those scenes more dramatic. Other panels use bright colors which help the characters to standout, and bring everything to life.

The story, by Joshua Hale Fialkov and JT Krul, was very exciting, well paced, and a great cliffhanger ending. As this is the start of a major cross-over event, there are a lot of things which are setup, which should have any loyal Aspen reader excited for the next issue. As previously mentioned, I am not a long time reader, but this story has me intrigued to go back and understand the background of the characters. For someone jumping on, an intro page at the beginning would be useful. This should be a page introducing both characters and providing additional detail about the plot.

Overall, I enjoyed this story, and plan to pickup the additional issues to provide more context for the state of the Aspen universe, and to understand where they plan to go in the future.



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