BEZALEL Introduces World’s Fastest Wireless Charging Pad for Mobile Devices

BEZALEL Introduces World’s Fastest Wireless Charging Pad for Mobile Devices

By Scott Green

December 12, 2016

First 15 Watt QC 3.0 Wireless Charger Can Power Up Smartphones 2.5 Times Faster than Standard Wire-Based Chargers

BEZALEL, Inc. has introduced the world’s fastest wireless charging pad, which can power up mobile devices 2.5 times faster than standard wire-based chargers.


The new Futura X Turbo brings high-output 15 watt speed that is up to 20 percent faster than the nearest wireless charging pad competitor. As the first wireless charger verified to support Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 technology, it can power up compatible handsets (including the latest Samsung Galaxy Note and S-series smartphones) from zero to 50 percent in just 25 minutes, and zero to 75 percent in just 35 minutes (results based on Galaxy S7 with standard 3000mAh battery — charging speed varies depending on battery capacity and power adapter).

“We love being first with products that enable mobile device users to ditch the power cord,” said BEZALEL Co-Founder and CEO Frank Wu. “It’s time for high-speed wireless charging, and nothing comes close to the speed we can deliver with the Futura X Turbo.”

The Futura X Turbo is just the latest “first” for BEZALEL, which previously introduced the Latitude first-of-its kind universal (dual-mode Qi and PMA) wireless charging case for the iPhone, and the Prelude fully-mobile (i.e., rechargeable) wireless charging pad.


BEZALEL’s new line of wireless chargers also includes the Futura X (non-Turbo), which is the thinnest, most portable wireless charging pad available. At just seven millimeters thick (about one-quarter of an inch), it is roughly the same thickness as an iPhone 6 or 7. The Futura X is as fast as conventional wire-based chargers, and ideal for use with devices such as the iPhone that have a maximum 5 watt charging speed. The Futura X charging pad and Latitude case for iPhone are available together for under $100.


Both the ultra-fast Futura X Turbo and the ultra-thin Futura X employ magnetic alignment to ensure the charging pad and mobile device make optimal contact. This allows users with a magnet-enhanced handset (or magnet-enhanced accessory case such as BEZALEL’s Latitude) to simply place their phone on the charging pad and power up, without hassling to find the charging sweet spot.

Both Futura X series chargers are constructed of milled aluminum and acrylic, with a unique cooling system that dissipates heat very effectively. Superior design and materials produce a charger that is exceptionally sleek, powerful and stable. An optional accessory stand also allows mobile devices to lie flat or be propped up during charging.

“We’re introducing the most powerful and stylish wireless chargers just in time for the holidays,” added Wu. “Our goal is to empower everyone to enjoy the benefits of wireless charging.”

The ultra-fast Futura X Turbo is currently available for pre-order on the BEZALEL website at, with delivery in time for the holidays. It’s priced at $59.99.

The ultra-thin Futura X (ideal for iPhone) and Latitude iPhone case are available on and the BEZALEL website at The Futura X is $49.99 (add $10 for accessory stand), while the Latitude case is $49.90 ($59.90 for Plus-size iPhones).

About Bezalel

Los Angeles-based BEZALEL was founded in 2013 to design and manufacture wireless charging products that enable mobile device users to ditch the power cord, both at home and on-the-go. After completing the USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s renowned Start-Up Garage incubator program, the company conducted an initial Kickstarter campaign named one of the Top 10 of 2014. In addition to the new Futura X line of charging pads, the company’s expanding line of products includes the first universal (dual-mode Qi and PMA) wireless charging case for the iPhone and the first rechargeable, fully-mobile wireless charger. It is also developing the industry’s first intermediate-distance wireless charging transmitter. More information about all of BEZALEL’s wireless charging products is available at


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