Plato Secures $3M Seed, Launches to Transform Instant Messenger Gaming

Plato Launches to Transform Instant Messenger Gaming

By Scott Green 

December 11, 2016

First messenger app designed for true synchronous multiplayer gaming releases public beta for iOS and Android.

Plato, the first messenger app created specifically for multiplayer gaming, today released its public beta for iOS and Android platforms. Plato seamlessly combines messaging and gaming within its cross-platform app, enabling users to play multiplayer games instantly while chatting with anyone.

Whereas many other messaging apps treat games as an afterthought, Plato is the first to offer a complete multiplayer gaming package combined with a seamless chat interface. While some messengers mostly offer single-player or high-score based games, Plato is the only messenger that is focused on real-time multiplayer games to foster a true social gaming experience.


All games on Plato are playable instantly through Platos proprietary platform, without needing to ever download games separately. Users can start a game directly with a friend or play larger multiplayer games in a group. All game moves are updated live, and also sent as chat messages for those that prefer asynchronous play.


Users can watch a game in a group as a spectator and continue to chat seamlessly without leaving the games. Additionally, users can connect and play with anyone other than their friends globally with Platos own matchmaking system.

Plato is launching its public beta with 11 multiplayer games, including Pool, Holdem, Chess, Backgammon, Spades, Hearts – all created using Platos proprietary game development and publishing platform. While currently focused on curating an initial catalog of high quality first party multiplayer titles, Plato plans to open its messenger game publishing platform to third party developers in the future.

With over $3 million in seed funding, Plato is founded by the original creators of Yahoo! Games, and backed by angel investors from WhatsApp. Platos team brings unparalleled and unique expertise in building social gaming platforms for mainstream and mobile audiences.

The public beta for Plato is available globally starting today for iOS and Android devices:

App Store:

Google Play Store:
Video Trailer: 

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