Scott Green

August 20, 2016

Last night at the Awards Gala for the Hollyshorts Film Festival, it was standing room only and the energy was palpable. The biggest winner of the night goes to Jesse Kreitzers Black Canaries who won The Best Short Film Award presented by Steve Bellamy from Kodak and also Company 3s Best Cinematography Award. Kreizter walked away with $25K in prizes which includes $20K from Company 3 and $5K in Kodaks film stock. Other big winners include Company 3s Grand Jury Award to Lee Whitakers Catching Fireflies and Best Director to Rayka Zehtabchi for Madaran, which each took home $20K in prizes from Company 3. Kodak awarded 15 categories $6K making a total of $11K in film stock. See below for the full list of winners from the 12th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival.

12th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival Winners

Best Action – Brix and the Bitch / Nico Raineau
Best Animation – Bear Story / Gabriel Osorio
Best Comedy – Drawcard / Antonio Orea Barlin
Best Commercial – Pancakes / Ezra Stanley
Jury Selection Award – War One Afternoon / Jason Sklaver
Best Documentary – Johnny Physical Lives / Joshua Neuman
Best Drama – Lookout / Noa Gusakov
Best Editing – Girl In White / Simen Nyland
Best Female Director – Debris Escombros / Mary-Lyn Chambers
Best Horror The Crypt TV Award – Flesh of My Lovers / Joshua Giuliano
Best International – Atis / Daniel Mulloy
Best LGBT – Other People’s People / James Fauvell
Best VFX – Aden / Gary H Lee
Best Music Video – Elliott Moss/Pattern Repeating / Daniel Howlid
Best Narrative – Thunder Road / Jim Cummings
Best Panavision Future Filmmaker Award – Out of The Village / Jonathan Stein
Best Period Piece – Double Cross / Mark Brocking
Best Producer – Quenottes (Pearlies) / Pascal Thiebaux, Gil Pinheiro
Best Sci Fi – Indigo / Jody Wilson
Best TV Category – If I Could Tell You / Robert E. Clyde & Benjamin Clyde
Best Screenplay – The Son, The Father / Lukas Hassel
Screenplay Runner Up – I Want to Marry a Creative Jewish Girl / Beth de Arajox
Screenplay Runner Up – First Kill / Elisabeth Hayward
Best Diversity – Descry / David Yohe
Best Student – Zoya / Sahirr Sethhi
Best Thriller – Break My Bones / Anthony Collamati
Best Web Series – Dirty Cops / Adam Finmann
Best Youth – King Ripple / Luke Jaden
Honorable Mention – The Legend of Dark Rider / Titus Paar
Best Cinematography – Black Canaries / Jesse Kreitzer
Best Director – Madaran / Rayka Zehtabchi
Best Co3 Grand Jury Award – Catching Fireflies / Lee Whitaker
Best Short Film – Black Canaries / Jesse Kreitzer

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