PENGUINS VS. POSSUMS THE REVIEW – Updated with the Interview with Team PvP


PENGUINS VS. POSSUMS THE REVIEW – Updated with our interview with the creators of this series!

By Scott Green

July 28, 2016

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My questions for the creators are below. As you can read their answers are humorous and insightful.


1. What inspired the team to create this story line?

A. The original idea was inspired by years of study in the Tibetan mountains where a group of monks were preparing for the apocalypse. They whispered the stories of the ancients into Sebastian’s ear as he meditated hanging upside down like a possum on a glacier of ice like a penguin. Or, it was a really fun, ludicrous idea that started as a website for a college class. This particular story we are telling through these 8 issues, however, is something Sebastian, John, and Lindsay have spun through numerous brainstorming and writing meetings. Meetings where 90 percent of the time they were laughing.

We knew we wanted to tell a riff on the hero’s journey, and we knew how we wanted it to end. But the story told us what path it wanted to take to get there. Deep.



2. What is your creative process, how do you decide on what goes into the story?

A. We spitball ideas, throw them in a Google Doc, get together and shape each issue and the story arcs. We tighten that up a bit more and then it goes to the artist to do the layouts. They get notes from all of us, and then they move on to pencils, inks, grayscales, and lettering. We get together for the dialogue and once it’s lettered we tighten it up some more to make sure the writing is the best it can be. Then we send it to our publisher, and when they sign off on it we send it to the printer! As for what we decide goes into the story, we work really well together and build off of each other’s ideas. The best ideas win!



3. Where is the story going to from here?

A. You’ll have to read the final issues to find out the details, but we’ve promised Armageddon…so we want to deliver on an epic ending. If the movie studios give us big money we have more stories to tell, though. So get to writing your congressmen.



4. Will you tell the origins story of how the war started? Also will there be any stories based on battles that have taken place in the past between the penguins and the possums.

A. We do address how the war started in the later issues, and if we ever do more PVP comics after this we have some good ideas for telling that origin story. The 8th issue will complete this particular arc, so we won’t get a chance to go back to the early days of the PVP conflict. Maybe one day.



5. Will any other species get involved in the conflict other than penguins, possums, and humans?

A. Great question! We had written a gag to answer that, but didn’t end up using it. So, I think telling you won’t cause anyone to freak out about spoilers. No, this is a personal war between penguins and possums. Humans had to get involved because that’s what humans do. But no, no other species are going to be involved…though they may be affected!


The synopsis of this series:

Since the dawn of time, a secret war has been waged between two species, each determined to annihilate the other. Throughout the millennia, they have kept their battle confined to the shadows; however, one brazen act has escalated this conflict to a fever pitch. As the world careens toward Armageddon, every human on the planet will soon be forced to CHOOSE A SIDE!

The review:

As a series Penguins vs Possums, or PvP, will take you by surprise with its deep storytelling and mature themes. The penguins use weaponry and technology to their advantage. The penguins have machine guns, jet packs, armor, even gas. The possums on the other hand use knives, spears, and kung-fu. As the synopsis stated, since the dawn of time the two species have been at war for whatever reason and access to modern tech has really upped the stakes. Until issue 6 the humans are mainly used for comic relief. As the story progresses though the humans are finally get into the mix, but is it too late?

There is plenty of backstabbing, infighting, and intrigue within each species, including humans. I enjoyed the story and dialogue. It was very easy to get into this comic and identify with the characters. The action is as intense and the art style, all in black and white, is a great choice for this title. By having the art in black in white the attention to detail has to be precise as there is no coloring to hide behind.


When I first saw the title of this series I was on Team Penguin, but as I got into it I was swayed over to a Team Possum. This series from Fanbase Press is a really enjoyable read, and I look forward to the continuing of the action and story.

I would definitely recommend Penguins vs Possums.
Created by Sebastian Kadlecik

Written by Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, and Lindsay Calhoon Bring

Pencils and Inks by Sebastian Kadlecik and John Bring

Gray Tones by John Bring

Lettered by Sebastian Kadlecik

Edited by Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, and Lindsay Calhoon Bring

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The comics are AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE DIGITALLY available for purchase digitally through ComiXology and in print through Fanboy Comics online store.

Follow Penguins vs. Possums on Facebook and Twitter: @pvpcomic.

Artwork courtesy of Fanbase Press and Penguins vs. Possums


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