Long Beach Comic Con Space Expo Programming Announced

Long Beach Comic Con Space Expo Programming Announced

Come by booth 100 and get lost in space!

Survios Demos! R2D2 Builders Club 

 Meade Instruments (Telescopes!)

 The Planetary Society

 Shared Science with Robotics

 Northrop Grumman

Columbia Space Memorial Center


Space Expo Guests to include:

Luis Andrade, Keri Bean, Nick Bragg, Bonnie J. Buratti, Jonathan Callan, Eric Carrasco, Doug Ellison, Daniel J. Glenn, James Iliff, Hannah McCallum, Ashley Stroupe, Dr Yu Takahashi, and more!

Check out Space Expo sessions below!

Saturday, September 2

NASA’s Dawn Mission

Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Description: What do TIE fighters and Dawn have in common? Is there a Hoth-like planet hidden in the main asteroid belt? Find out the answers to these questions and learn more about the Dawn spacecraft, which has been orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres since March 2015. In this talk, follow along with Dawns journey through time to explore some of the largest objects in the main asteroid belt and learn about the engineering behind the mission and the science thats come out of it, including all of the latest mission updates!

Teenage Rover – 13 Years on Mars

Time:  12:00pm-1:00pm

Description:  The Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has been exploring the surface of Mars for over 13 years now. What exactly has this plucky, solar-powered rover been doing? How do you drive a Mars rover? Is Opportunity experiencing the temperamental teenage years? Come find out from multiple team members how the rover is doing, what its been up to, and how they control the day to day life of Opportunity.

Virgin Orbit: Expanding Access to Space from Long Beach to Orbit

Time:  1:00pm-2:00pm

Description:  Small, affordable satellites are revolutionizing the way we explore space and study our home planet-but only if they can find an affordable, reliable way to launch into orbit. Virgin Orbit is developing LauncherOne, a new dedicated small-satellite launch vehicle. In design and construction in Long Beach, LauncherOne will be air-launched from a 747 and deliver satellites for space-based

Exploring the Science and Technology Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Time:  2:00pm-3:00pm

Description:  As far as mad scientists go, William “Willy” Wonka is as delightful as the come, but behind that wry smile, and impish behavior lies the mind of a chemical & technological genius.  We will be discussing the Everlasting Gobstopper, the candy that never gets smaller, Fizzy Lifting Drinks, a liquid concoction that makes you float, Wonkavision, which sends physical objects across space, and finally the Great Glass Elevator, a transportation device that can take you anywhere with the push of a button.  Come listen as Dr. Michael Dennin – World Renowned Physicist, Ben Sieper – Rocket Scientist and Daniel J. Glenn – Analytical Mastermind explain all these miraculous innovations, and show how his chocolate factory has more in common with DARPA than a conventional confectioner’s creation.

So You Want to Build an R2?

Time:  3:00pm-4:00pm

Description:  Did you know theres a whole club of people dedicated to building R2-D2 and the other droids of Star Wars? Come learn the basics and see what it takes to build your own Astromech droid from folks that are building their own!

Sunday, September 3

Cassinis Death Plunge into Saturn:  The Pilots Perspective

Time:  11:00am-12:00pm

Description: NASAs Cassini spacecraft is the first robotic explorer to orbit Saturn, and it began the first in-depth and up-close study of Saturn, its moons, and its rings in 2004. Since then, Cassinis onboard science instruments have returned an abundance of scientific data that has led scientists to astonishing discoveries. After nearly 20 years of spaceflight, the Cassini mission is coming to a triumphant end on September 15, 2017, when the spacecraft will plunge into Saturns atmosphere, from which there is no return. Cassinis ultimate sacrifice will ensure the protectionof Saturns ocean worlds, and will give scientists a once-in- a-lifetime opportunity to collect Saturn atmospheric data during the final plunge. Luis Andrade is a member of the Spacecraft Operations team and the lead Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) engineer in charge of Cassinis final sequence of commands. In his presentation he will share what it has been like to pilot Cassini for the past four years, and the challenges of maintain control of the spacecraft during the plunge, all thewhile resisting Saturns shearing winds which will ultimately destroy the long-lived robotic explorer.

Deep Space Navigation at NASA/JPL

Time:  12:00pm-1:00pm

Description:  NASA has long explored the solar system and beyond with their robotic spacecraft since the beginning of the space age. Starting with the first interplanetary probe Marine 2, NASA missions have a record of reaching all planets in the solar system including Pluto, now designated as a dwarf planet. In this talk, Yu Takahashi from JPL will give an overview of how the teams at JPL navigate their spacecraft in deep space. He will particularly draw on his experience from Dawn and Juno missions, which are missions to dwarf planet Ceres and Jupiter.

Earths Above: from Mars and Titan to Exoplanets

Time:  1:00pm-2:00pm

Description:  Join Dr. Bonnie J. Buratti, a leading planetary astronomer, on this personal tour of NASA’s latest discoveries. Moving through the Solar System, she underscores NASAs search for life outside the Earth, from Mars and Saturns giant moon Titan an Earth in deep freeze – to newly found exoplanets.  She gives vivid descriptions of landforms that are similar to those found on Earth but that are more fantastic. Active gullies on Mars, huge ice plumes and tar-like deposits on the moons of Saturn, hydrocarbon rivers and lakes on Titan, and nitrogen glaciers on Pluto are just some of the marvels that await you.  Discover what it is like to be involved in a major scientific enterprise, with all its pitfalls and excitement. Dr. Buratti shows how science fiction has both motivated many rocket scientists and anticipated and propelled discoveries. Once her talk is over, Join Dr. Buratti in the Space Expobooth space for a book signing!


Time:  2:00pm-3:00pm
Description:  The biggest game in Virtual Reality is entering the world of comics, and theyre working with some of the industrys biggest names to do it!  Survios smash hit Raw Data was the first VR game to reach #1 on the Steam Global Sales Charts.  Now theyre here to dish the dirt on the seven comics stories that hit shelves this summer, leading up to the games full release in September.  Theyre joined by the books creators to talk about comics, their experiences in VR, and how they want to reinvent game tie-ins.
NASAs James Webb Space Telescope Update!
Time:  3:00pm-4:00pm
Description:  Join some of the very engineers working on NASAs James Webb Space Telescope, a successor to the Hubble Telescope and 100 times more powerful, as they give out the latest news and updates.  The James Webb Space Telescope is humanitys newest, greatest tool to observe the universe, allowing us to look further into space than we ever have before.


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