The World Is Now Game – Skyrocket Introduces RECOIL: Turn Any Location Into A GPS-Enabled Battlefield

The World Is Now Game – Skyrocket Introduces RECOIL: Turn Any Location Into A GPS-Enabled Battlefield

By Scott Green

July 10, 2017

Product Available August 15 – Michael Madsen stars in game’s cinematic trailer, now airing

Skyrocket LLC is defining a new category of competitive gameplay with the launch of RECOIL. The first of its kind, RECOIL allows players to turn any outdoor space into a digitally-enhanced, multiplayer battlefield. Combined with advanced weaponry and first-person shooter-inspired gameplay, RECOIL’s GPS-enabled technology creates a revolutionary type of play, allowing up to 16 players to immerse themselves into the RECOIL world.

The RECOIL Wi-Fi Game Hub creates a 500-foot diameter in which gamers can create barricades, sniper’s nests and bunkers with what’s around them. Armed with advanced weaponry like the RK-45 Spitfire, players attach their mobile devices which then act as a head’s up display, allowing them to set the rules of engagement, activate air strikes, complete AR-enhanced missions as well as track health and ammo levels.

Haptic weapon responses provide real-time weaponry kickback, while 3D-positional audio lets players hear exactly where enemy fire is coming from, and the Voice Chat feature allows teams to coordinate attacks and taunt the enemy. The RECOIL mobile app provides the location of every gamer on the map, tracking all movements and allowing players to complete location-based objectives integrated into the environment. Users without RECOIL hardware can join the battle with their mobile device in competitive modes like Skirmish, Team Skirmish and Search & Destroy.

To showcase the game in all its glory, Skyrocket worked with Battery Creative, a top creative ad agency, to develop a cinematic commercial spot. With the Universal Studio backlot production, the trailer features film star Michael Madsen as the lead. To view the trailer, click here: 

“RECOIL is an explosive new experience where reality has finally caught up to our imaginations,” said Skyrocket’s Senior Marketing Director, Craig Mitchell. “Couches become cover. Trees become barricades and cadets become legends. With RECOIL, Skyrocket is reinvigorating play by using technology to get people outside, off the couch and interacting with friends in the real world. Truly, The World Is Now Game.”

Game enthusiasts and the general public will be able to preview and play RECOIL at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, within a 10,000 square feet arena in The Activation Zone across from Petco Park.

RECOIL will be available for full distribution at all major retailers on August 15, 2017. Gamers who place pre-orders online will receive a free grenade with their purchase of the RECOIL Mulitplayer Starter Set priced at $129.99. For more information, visit and follow RECOIL on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

About Skyrocket 
Skyrocket develops, manufactures and markets innovative and tech-driven consumer products with mass market distribution, including drones, robots, vehicles, toys-to-life, games, virtual reality, outdoor and novelty toys. Skyrocket is the #1 Flying RC manufacturer in the U.S. according to NPD. Skyrocket manages a portfolio of original IP, including Sky Viper, Mebo, VRSE, RECOIL and more, in addition to products sold under major licenses.


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